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Vegetarian Cheeses

Cashew cheese Cashew cheese
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Model: أجبان نباتية
For Riyadh and Eastern RegionEnjoy vegan cashew kiri cheese with arich flavor and a greasy or chopping textureLet's enjoy delicious vegan cheese and leave cow's milk for the little calf You can add it to salads, prepare a sandwich, or use it as a cheese and cream substitute for cookin..
S.R 35.00
Model: أجبان نباتية
Cubes of vegan cheese with delicious flavors and nutritional benefits the ingredients : Tofu olive oil Natural salt dill Paprika paste Saving method: Keep covered with olive oil in the fridge Our product is free from: Wheat and gluten Hydrogenated oils ..
S.R 50.00
vegan labneh vegan labneh
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Model: لبنة نباتية
A delicious vegan labneh that will surprise you with the rich, sour taste of the original caw milk labnehPrepared from bulgurVery rich in Probiotic and healhty yeasts that are beneficial to the health of your digestive systemIt will support your immunity, strengthen your body and relish the wonderfu..
S.R 50.00
vegan yogurt
Model: مشروب
Delicious plant-based milk with the traditional taste of yogurt with the healthiest and most beneficial ingredients.Rich in beneficial yeasts and probiotics, a good small package for kindergarten and school children,And you can carry it with you to work and enjoy it.the ingredients :Cashew milk, wat..
S.R 10.00
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