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Terms & Conditions

    Terms & Conditions

    When placing an order through Vegan ., the customer consents to receive any promotional e-mails. 

    When placing an order through Vegan., the customer consents to be contacted through phone calls, SMS, or communication apps "WhatsApp" by using the phone number registered in the customer's account

    Vegan reserves the right to amend the platform or its terms and conditions.

             Upon visiting Vegan platform, even if not registered, the customer consents to the current terms and conditions. In case of dissent, the customer is requested to stop using the platform.

    Comments and Reviews:

    All comments and reviews written about the products belong to their reviewers, therefore they don't reflect our opinion.

    Vegan reserves the right to adopt all reviews and comments written on our platform, or through our social media accounts.

    Vegan prohibits the use of profanities, and in case such words are used the necessary actions will be taken.  


    The customer is solely responsible for protecting the security and confidentiality of the passwords. The account owners are solely responsible when their accounts are breached. It is crucial to notify us of any unauthorized use of the password or personal account immediately.


    Our team strives to provide a large amount of products. However, the availability of the products cannot be guaranteed unfortunately; that is, the product might be available when placing the order, but by the time of the execution the product could turn out of stock. 

    In some exceptional cases Vegan declines some orders for a number of reasons. Vegan reserves the right to accept or decline an order as deemed appropriate. Before accepting an order, some details and information will be requested. 

    When the customer places an order, and the product appeared to be out of stock; Vegan commits to refund the whole amount to the customer's balance which is found on the "Customer's Page". This amount can be used when placing an order later. 

    When placing an order on Vegan the customer commits to pay for all the products mentioned on the invoice with the indicated prices including shipping and delivery fees, taxes, and others if found. 

    Vegan reserves the right to ban any frivolous customers, and to refuse to offer them any services in the future. Including those whose payment method is Cash-on-Deliver, yet don't claim their the packages upon arrival to address. 

    Intellectual Property: 

    All rights reserved to Vegan Shop including information, design and sections of pages, texts, innovative programming developments; and is subject to the Copyright Law of Saudi Arabia.

    Limitation of Liability: 

    Vegan is responsible for the package until it reaches the delivery man, which is liable for any delay or damage. In case of damage, or any inconvenience, Vegan tracks the package and directly contacts the delivery company until the problem is resolved.

    Return and Exchange: 

    In compliance with the Ministry of Commerce and Investment Law, all products related to health and safety are neither returned nor exchanged.

    Shipping and Delivery: 

    This service is only available in Saudi Arabia, and soon enough will be available worldwide.

    Official business days in Saudi Arabia are Saturday to Thursday 

    The delivery time is calculated according to the date of the wire transfer, not the date of placing the order. For instance, the customer placed the order on Monday, but transferred the money on Wednesday; the delivery time starts calculating from Wednesday.  

    Orders placed outside the official working hours (9am-9pm), or on any KSA public holiday (including weekends, national holidays, religious holidays, or sates of emergency) will be placed on the first KSA working day following the date on which the order was submitted.

    The delivery timelines displayed in the table above are estimates only despite our strong commitment to deliver orders within the indicated time period. 

      if the order delays over 15 days, the store is committed to provide the customer with a full refund.

      The commission marketing program

      What is commission marketing?
      Commission marketing is a promotional process you are doing to market the products of  Vegan and you will receive a commission for the completion of the sale by you.

      Who can join the commission marketing system?
      · Anyone can talk about our products
      · Shop customers of existing Vegan 
      · All websites
      Bloggers and personal sites
      · Electronic Marketers

      What are the ways you can market?
      Direct marketing provides the customer with a tracking links with a code number.
      · Work on posting links in forums, sites and blogs in a correct way.
      · Publish the link to social networking accounts.
      And other sound marketing methods. 

      Terms of commission marketing system:
      · It is prohibited to use pop-ups or use any other methods that force the visitor to open the site without his desire
      · All customers who have made a purchase will be verified on your way and the commission will be automatically added to your marketing account when the order status is "completed"
      · It is not necessary for the marketer to purchase from the Vegan. Registration is available free of charge
      · Site marketing does not support or hierarchical nor promote it in any way
      · The commission will be received by the marketer only
      · The commission is calculated from the total number of products and does not include shipping rates and fees
      · The customer has the right to withdraw the marketing profits upon his arrival to the minimum withdrawal amount of SR 200 or its equivalent
      Your approval of the commission marketing system means your acceptance of the terms of the Vegan and Privacy Policy

      What is the profit rate?
      5% commission is calculated for the marketer of the total value of the products after shipping rates, tax charges and customer discount.