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Fresh yeast
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Model: خميرة
For Riyadh Only Fresh yeast PrimapakPrepared from beer yeastBeneficial natural yeast that is easy to use and quick to raise and ferment the Pastries and bread Non GMO How to use:Take amount of dough and let it melt outside the refrigerator Add the yeast a quarter cup of warm, non-hot water..
S.R 25.00
Model: مشروبات
A wonderful drink that boosts immunity, reduces disease incidence, and supports disease recovery Excellent anti-inflammatory the ingredients : Indian turmeric. Indian ginger. Indian turmeric mother. cinnamon. black pepper. Cardamom. Star anise. Organic reishi mushroom, organic lion's mane mushr..
S.R 35.00
Model: تورتيلا
For Riyadh A delicious, gluten-free vegan bread5 pieces of tortillaOur product is free of:GMO Wheat and soy productsHydrogenated oilsIndustrial dough improversGluten FreeFree from refined salt and preservativesthe ingredients :Chickpea flour.Tapioca flour.Water and sea salt. Save..
S.R 20.00
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