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Cashew cheese Cashew cheese
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Model: أجبان نباتية
For Riyadh and Eastern RegionEnjoy vegan cashew kiri cheese with arich flavor and a greasy or chopping textureLet's enjoy delicious vegan cheese and leave cow's milk for the little calf You can add it to salads, prepare a sandwich, or use it as a cheese and cream substitute for cookin..
S.R 35.00
Model: أجبان نباتية
Cubes of vegan cheese with delicious flavors and nutritional benefitsthe ingredients :Tofuolive oilNatural saltdillPaprika pasteSaving method:Keep covered with olive oilin the fridgeOur product is free from:Wheat and glutenHydrogenated oils ..
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Eggplant makduos Eggplant makduos
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Model: مكدوس باذنجان
A blend of flavors and delicious ingredients for an authentic, traditional makdousWith new touches, delicious taste and qualityPacked with pure original olive oil.sure it will satisfy your tastes: Our product is free ofGMOHydrogenated oilsRefined saltArtificial flavors, colors and citric acidAnimal ..
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Fresh yeast
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Model: خميرة
For Riyadh Only Fresh yeast PrimapakPrepared from beer yeastBeneficial natural yeast that is easy to use and quick to raise and ferment the Pastries and bread Non GMO How to use:Take amount of dough and let it melt outside the refrigerator Add the yeast a quarter cup of warm, non-hot water..
S.R 25.00
Model: مكدوس
A unique blend of colorful vegetablesBecause it is a garden of wonderful ingredients, we called it Gardnera as a quotation from a gardenA delicious vegetarian recipe that adds to your food and delights your health: Our product is free ofGMOHydrogenated oilsRefined saltArtificial flavors, colors and ..
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Model: مشروبات
A wonderful drink that boosts immunity, reduces disease incidence, and supports disease recovery Excellent anti-inflammatory the ingredients : Indian turmeric. Indian ginger. Indian turmeric mother. cinnamon. black pepper. Cardamom. Star anise. Organic reishi mushroom, organic lion's mane mushr..
S.R 35.00
Model: مكدوس فاصوليا
Green beans with salt, nuts, and olive oil with some small additionsSecret flavorsIt arrives in a deliciously makdouseBeans ripe and slightly crunchy, flavorfulWe recommend you to try it: Our product is free ofGMOHydrogenated oilsRefined saltArtificial flavors, colors and citric acidAnimal products ..
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Model: زعتر
Made from the finest thyme with pure olive oilWith roasted sesame seedsand original sumacfor a rich flavor, unique  and aromaticWithout any artificial additives, colors and flavors,we trust that our natural product taste is sufficientthe ingredients :Dried thyme paper, roasted sesame, sumac, na..
S.R 60.00
Sauerkraut Sauerkraut
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Model: ساوركراوت
With delicious sour tasteCabbage ferment is one of the best sources for beneficial probioticsImportant for the health of your digestive system and for strengthening your immunity against diseasesIs there anything better than delicious food and great benefits !!Our product is free ofGMORefined saltAr..
S.R 50.00
Model: مفرزنات
For riyadh only 12tasty spinach rolls  Not like any spinach pastry you've tasted beforeWe make it with pure Olive Oil with original Sumacand toasted onion slices with sea saltWrapped with Saj bread:How to cook It takes 15 minutes to meltYou can roast it in the ovenOr on..
S.R 70.00
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