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Terms of replacement and return

Exchange and Return:

All products related to human health and safety are not returned or replaced according to the law of the Ministry of Commerce and Investment.

The customer has the right to request compensation for the value of the order if it is damaged to the order (an expired product, a damaged or open product, a deficient product or different from the order). It is necessary to prove the damage or deficiency in the request and to clarify this in a form sent on the contact number that's shown on the site.

The value of the invalid part of the request is returned to the customer's account on the site or to his bank account as he want.

The approved working days in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are (Saturday - Sunday - Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday)

The delivery time is calculated from the date of transferring the cost of order  and not the date of the order, for example: a customer ordered from the store on Monday and chose the option to pay by bank transfer, but he did not make the transfer until Wednesday, we approve the order from Wednesday.

Orders that were ordered after the end of working hours during the day (9 AM - 9 PM) or on any official holiday in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (including weekends, religious and national day, and emergency holidays), the request is carried over to the first working day following the date on which the request was made.

The store undertakes to return the value of the order - or part of it - in the  the products that ordered  by the customer are not available, provided that the refund is in the customer's wallet or in his bank account.

The customer has no right to request any compensation during the shipping period according to the chosen shipping company, and the customer has the right to request compensation in the event that the order is delayed 20 days after transferring the value of the order.